Bye catch


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Marine & Tsunami Debris Installation: Vancouver Aquarium, BC

122 X 165 X 315 cm

"Bye catch" represents the typical amount of debris collected from 100 m of exposed shoreline along Vancouver Island. Most of the material was collected from the Carmanah/Dare Beach area of the West Coast Trail by volunteers with the Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. They removed 4 tons of debris from 4 km of shore. Amazing, from one of Canada's most beautiful national parks. The debris included a variety of material from the Tohoku Tsunami such as pallets, tires, footwear. household and kitchen objects, and various fishing/seafood related objects such as baskets, totes and buoys. The accompanying exhibit "Not Just Garbage" describes the current effort to remove tsunami debris from the shore and some of the stories about the items being found such as the small wooden carving of the Shinto figure - Daikoku, God of Good Fortune. "Bye-catch" and the "Not Just Garbage" exhibit, are on permanent display at the Vancouver Aquarium.