Eye of the Oystercatcher


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Dimensions: 4.5 m x 2.1 m

My first mural! I've been wanting to create a large "net work" for some time. This piece is my homage to Aussie environmental artist John Dahlsen and Vancouver Island painter E.J. Hughes. Oystercatchers have been a big part of my life. They are a defining element of coastal BC. I have been fortunate to work on a variety of Oystercatcher research and conservation initiatives over the years. One of those studies included the devlopment of a reliable field technique to determine male oystercatchers from females. Unlike many bird species, Oystercatchers are not sexually dimorphic, so they look pretty much the same. In colloboration with a number of other Oystercatcher researchers we determined that you can identify males from females by the fleck patterns in their eyes. Go figure!