GPS - Global Plastic Situation


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GPS was created as a gift for the inspirational Chris Pallister, founder/director of the 'Gulf of Alaska Keeper' (aka 'GoAK'). Chris and his group have removed tons of debris and tsunami driftage from the remote and hazardous shores of Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska. He spearheaded the original "GarBarge" Project - the single largest international debris removal effort to date. Chris was invited by our local Surfrider chapter (Surfrider Pacific Rim) to speak in Tofino in March 2018. I've become friends with Chris over the past few years, attending conferences together in Hawaii and Japan, so it was a great pleasure to have him visit Tofino. Like me, Chris is an old school guy, which inspired me to create this globe - the original GPS! I painted in the gyres so Chris would always have a handy reference, then added the micro-plastic we collected together on a clean up at Kamilo Beach (aka 'Plastic Beach') with Noni Sanford (the 'Matron of Marine Debris'!) to remind us of the current GPS - Global Plastic Situation. Thanks for all you do Chris and GoAK! May you never lose your way.