The Midway


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Recycled Beach Debris, Vancouver Island

Dimensions: 129 X 64 cm

I've been collecting pieces to create an ode to my carnival days for many years. I worked as a "ride guy" for a couple of summers with Conklin Shows operating the  double ferris wheel (the "Skywheel" ) and the USS Enterprise. Those were some memorable times for an eighteen year old.

I knew the red line spools were going to be perfect as a double ferris wheel but it took a long time to find two of them. The object at the bottom left of the work is shaped much like the Enterprise, so that was another key find. The clincher was coming across the Crown and Anchor sign. Crown and Anchor is a classic carnival game of chance that I've lost a lot of quarters at over the years. How the sign got into the ocean is a mystery, but that it came to me was pure magic. I'm proud to say this piece has 5 moving parts, the most of any work so far. It's a midway of fun and discovery.