Pufted Tuffin


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Recycled Beach Debris, Vancouver Island

Dimensions: 53 x 87 cm

Like many of my works, once the image revealed itself to me the process of assembling the pieces went remarkably fast. It all started from the piece of wood with the large bolt coming out of it. I think it was originally part of a cable spool. I was experimenting with the piece and happened to thread a white float over the bolt. It immediately reminded me of an eye, and the profile of the wood suggested a bird’s beak. I had really admired tufted puffins since first seeing them near Tofino. They remind me of a California surfer with sweeping blonde mane and natural charisma. I had originally eyed up the orange hard hat with a puffin’s beak in mind. The painted wood came off a beach on Vargas Island, ironically within view of the place where I saw my first puffin.