The Showdown


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Recycled Beach Debris, Vancouver Island

Dimensions: 115 X 67 cm

I will always remember this piece because of the dog bowl. I made a bet with myself when I found it washed ashore that I could incorporate it into a work. Cowboy hats hold a lot of significance for me. I've lived my dream of working with horses in Jasper National Park, so I had to get the "chaps" just right as well. The magical moment came after I had already decided to use the yellow wooden barge sign. I reluctantly cut it into two pieces so I could position them better when I discovered the number "03" staring me down in a perfect gunslinger sneer. I knew then that the gods were smiling. After that, the "45" was just icing on the thematic cake. I got the spur from Jim Chesser, an old cowboy friend who collects them. He gave it to me the year before with the explicit instructions to "Use this in yer'art Clarky". I'm happy to oblige Jim!