Tiny Dancers


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These figurines were originally created as table centre pieces for the local Surfrider chapter annual fundraising dinner. I found the floats way back in 2000 washed ashore beside the Wickanninish Visitor Centre. My friend Bass called me to say he had seen some cool floats that I might want to check out. So glad I did. I was struck by how the shape and worn patterns on the floats reminded me of faces. I've been holding onto them all these years waiting to make use of them. I knew the time had finally come when I paired them with these equally cool presurized crab floats. Those wrinkled floats have a lot of character and quite a story. They get caught up in the large free-floating kelp balls each Fall. As the kelp decomposes it sinks, dragging the floats along for the ride. The deep ocean pressure squeezes the floats, reducing their size by about 1/2 and creating the wonderful wrinkles. Eventually the floats break free and rise back to the surface. Even though they're fairly common along the west coast, I still get a thrill when I find one. Everyone them has charisma and character.